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Rabies injection after dog bite

Vaccination after an exposure, anyone who has been bitten by an animal, or who otherwise may have been exposed to rabies, should rabais clean the rabais wound and see a doctor immediately.
Visite pExternal Vaccine Information Statement Rabies 10/6/2009 Office Use Only Top massif of Page.
Internal Medicine Physician, answer: quebec Hello, Welcome.
Dose 3: 21 come days or 28 days after Dose.Integrated bite case management If possible, the rabais veterinary services should be alerted, the biting come animal identified and quarantined for observation (for healthy dogs and cats).Also, rabies is far snap more common in dimanche other quebec parts of the world, with about 40,000 70,000 rabies-related deaths worldwide each coupons year.Most people believe that infected canines act coupons violently, barking or lurking, and trying to bite people.Once complete, the data will rabais provide further evidence to support the need for investment in rabies programmes crucial to informing global and regional strategies in achieving zero human rabies deaths by 2030.Declaring a disease notifiable is crucial to establish functional reporting.Vaers is only for reporting reactions.Human rabies can be confirmed intra-vitam and post mortem by various diagnostic techniques that detect whole viruses, dimanche viral antigens, or nucleic acids in infected tissues (brain, skin, urine, or saliva).Should she also receive the anti-rabies vaccine?Top of Page What if coupons there snuggle is a serious reaction?People are usually infected following a deep bite or scratch from an animal with rabies, and transmission dimanche to humans by rabid dogs accounts for 99 of cases.Mild problems soreness, redness, swelling, or itching where the shot was given snuggle (30 74) headache, nausea, abdominal pain, muscle aches, dizziness (5 40).If you think it is a severe rabais allergic reaction or other emergency that cant wait, call 9-1-1 or get the person to the nearest quebec hospital. Rabies vaccine is given to people at high risk of rabies to protect them coupons if they are exposed.
Preliminary results from studies in Cambodia, Kenya, and Viet Nam confirm that: children under aquatique 15 years of age have a higher rabies exposure rabais risk, and most exposures are from dog bites; both the availability of biologicals and the costs of seeking PEP are factors.

A person who has been previously vaccinated should get 2 doses of rabies vaccine one right away and another on the 3rd day.
Rabies is not detectable with the naked eyes.
For laboratory workers and others who may be repeatedly exposed to rabies virus, periodic testing after for immunity is recommended, and booster doses should be given as needed.